ROI Calculator

Ecommerce Times tells us that the average cost of a data breach is $6.3 million. Businesses who have to notify a customer of a security compromise face the loss of 20% of these customers immediately, according to Ponemon’s 2005 “National Consumer Survey on Data Security Breach Notification.? Of course, it’s impossible to quantify the damage to your company’s relationship with customers, or the damage to your brand.

The Benefits of Trust Scan

According to the Safe Shopping Network, a full 75% of online shoppers fear security breaches.Trust Scan can help dispel some of the concern that surrounds online shopping.

Not only does Trust Scan alert you right away when there’s a potential security risk on your website, the Trust Scan seal appearing on your website provides confidence to wary customers. You’ll see an immediate increase in conversion – your Trust Scan membership will pay for itself in just a few weeks.

ROI Case Studies

Conversion and ROI varies dramatically from industry to industry, and depends on multiple variables. However we have documented the results of three separate client websites that integrated the Trust Scan seal on their websites. Keep in mind that there was only a single change – the differences you see below are based on the addition of the Trust Scan seal.

Before Trust Scan Conversion %
After Trust Scan Conversion %
Dollar value difference
Site 1
Site 2
Site 3

In each case, the Trust Scan logo paid for itself in less than a single week!

Create your own success story – try Trust Scan today and evaluate the results for yourself.