About Trust Scan

After 7 years of constant development and testing, the Trust Scan TotalSecurity(SM) Suite is available to the ecommerce world. Originally developed for a network of online shops in the USA, the Trust Scan team worked to hone and develop the TotalSecurity Suite until this web-based application was suitable for every online transactional environment.

The TotalSecurity Suite is web-hosted, so there’s no setup for client websites. The powerful software resides in the Trust Scan server farm in San Antonio, Texas (with backups in Tacoma, Washington and Lahore, Pakistan). This means it can easily test any website anywhere in the world.

How did Trust Scan’s TotalSecurity Suite come to be?

A team of highly-qualified coders and programmers analyzed every record of hacker intrusion over the last five years. Unfortunately, there was a lot to study. Every day, hackers compromise website security somewhere in the world. IT professionals share logs and reports of these security breaches in order to improve security around the world.

The Trust Scan team wrote programs that acted like hackers (called hackbots), and then used these hackbots to test their security systems. Over months and months of testing and tweaking, the Trust Scan security code was able to find the same weaknesses that the hackbots exploited. TotalSecurity Suite 1.0 was born. Now, TotalSecurity Suite is in version 4.3 and more powerful than ever before.

Why is Trust Scan the best security auditing service?

Trust Scan works because the software was created by security professionals after analyzing thousands of hack attempts and hack attacks. The Trust Scan system detects known vulnerabilities and is updated several times each week to include the latest information on known security weaknesses.

Give Trust Scan a try and see how well it protects your website.