How Trust Scan protects you

Trust Scan employs sophisticated software to scan our member websites every day. The software acts the same way as the programs a hacker uses when attempting to compromise a website. Whenever Trust Scan finds a weakness in a website’s security, we immediately notify the website’s technical team and provide support in helping them fix the problem. In addition, we suspend the Trust Scan logo on their website until the issue is resolved.

What kind of security breaches does Trust Scan help prevent?

Trust Scan helps our member websites prevent the following:

  • Stolen credit card information
  • Identity theft
  • Spyware/adware downloads
  • Browser hijacking (taking you, the visitor, to another website)
  • Server compromise

How does Trust Scan do this?

Trust Scan’s cutting-edge security software evaluates the member website on the following criteria:

  • Password security
  • Port scanning
  • Web application vulnerability testing
  • Network services evaluation
  • SSL / SLA encryption test
  • Web load test

Only the websites that meet these strict criteria are accepted into the Trust Scan network and allowed to display the Trust Scan seal. If you’re shopping on a Trust Scan website, then you can rest assured – your private information is safe and secure.